An Intellectual and Financial Capital Approach

IBC approaches client solutions with a balanced perspective of blending both intellectual capital with financial capital. Generally, clients seek IBC requiring both, as emerging beverage and consumer goods companies address such challenges as product refinement and market penetration. IBC provides clients with a clear and balanced assessment of current status, viewpoint on opportunity, and recommendations for the path to success. However, IBC does not stop there. The biggest differentiator is in our ability to assist in the execution of the client’s agreed upon plan.

Each client has unique needs to elevate their company and brand in the marketplace. IBC assesses the allocation of resources, refines the strategy for product line expansion, and evaluates the clients’ product mix. For clients that have reached a threshold of success, IBC elevates operating efficiency including decreasing the cost of goods, refining marketing strategies, and leveraging our beverage industry branding expertise. In addition, IBC will work with management to refine their capital plan and access the resources to support the plan.

Whether just providing the plan or assisting management in the process, we have created an advisory collective that brings industry, financial, and management expertise to emerging brands seeking growth. We both provide high-level strategic advice and take a hands-on approach.