A curated collection of superior beverages designed to be the ultimate complement to premium spirits.

Major Initiatives:

The IBC and East Imperial collaboration of combined intellectual and financial capital is designed to assist East Imperial in reaching a 10 fold increase in volumes and revenue over the next 3 years with particular emphasis on penetrating and developing the US market and growing global markets from 8 to over 25 countries.

A Word from East Imperial Superior Beverages:

“To establish a world class brand it takes the right ingredients. At East Imperial we know we have world class products, a superior management group and a solid ‘go to market’ global plan. We turned to the partners at IBC to help us refine our growth recipe and ensure our success. Today, East Imperial Superior Beverages are sold on four continents and available in over twenty-five countries. Adding IBC to our mix was the right tonic for us”
– Kevin Law-Smith, East Imperial Superior Beverages Co-Founder and CEO


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