Coffee roaster, importer and wholesaler of high quality coffee.

Major Initiatives:

In an advisory role, our objective was to provide guidance for ventures into new markets, segments, introduce new products, and assist in achieving short and long term goals.

  • Acted as interim CEO and COO to re-organize, plan and implement actions to grow the business.
  • Review of business planning.
  • Branding programs.
  • Managed marketing function.
  • Review cash flow.
  • Review of business contracts.
  • Assumed responsibility for recruiting management positions.


  • Provided seamless integration of industry and functional expertise with capabilities to support execution and make changes happen.
  • Prepared business plan and strategy, including forecasts and budgets.
  • Developed distinctive brand strategies and enabled the launch of a high end luxury brand and creation of a new brand for major channels.
  • Increased revenue in 5 months to prior year’s higher levels.
  • Negotiated contracts and entered into negotiations for an acquisition.
  • Increased accounts receivables to make accounts current.
  • Recruited Sales Manager and Operations Manager.

A Word From Fleetwood:

“IBC provided strong strategic and operational guidance in implementing ICG’s plan. The major contributions included key employees placements, rapid access to its network and resulting contracts and the development of a reclaimed and repositioned “Fleetwood Coffee” brand. ”

Lex Tarumianz, Investor – Blank Slate Ventures


Babease - IBC