IBC Prospective Client Questionnaire

If you are interested in scheduling a discussion with one of the IBC partners to learn more about ways in which we can assist your company please complete the following questionnaire, it will be a helpful starting point. Some questions may not be applicable to your situation, but complete as much of the form as possible. We will contact you promptly upon receipt.

Thank you.


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Name of Your Company

Why did you start this business?

When was the company founded and when did operation commence?

What is the total capital invested to date by all parties?

What is your debt? And, have you raised any capital to date? If so, how much?

Do you have monthly P&L’s since inception?

What is the company’s 3 month revenue trend and the last three months average expenses?

Number of employees? Number of contract employees, brokers or agents?

Have you previously had any professional advisors/strategic partners?

Do you have a written business plan? Including financial forecasts?


Your position/role at the company.

Do you have a partner(s) co-founder(s)?

What is your beverage/CPG experience?

What is the direct capital investment of the founding partners to date?

How much of the company do you own? How many other owners are there and their respective equity ownership?

What is your vision for this brand? Product? Company?

Are you doing this full time?  If so, what are you paying yourself?

What is your company’s greatest strengths?

What is your company’s greatest needs and areas for improvement?

Please describe what success looks like.

Are you planning an exit? When? How? Describe?


Description of your product.

What category does your product compete in?

Where do you produce and what does it cost to produce? (Floor/landed) What is your current production capacity?

What is the product’s shelf life?

In what geographies is your product available through which channels/retailers?

Who is your target consumer and what problem/need are you solving for them or what benefit does your product provide?

What is the consumption occasion for your product?

Please describe your ideal customer and the top 3 channels you want to enter and why.

Who would you consider your competitor(s)?

How is your product sold and distributed?

Describe the value chain: What is the retail price? What is the distributor’s price to the retailer? What is your price to the distributor?