NEW YORK, NY (November 6, 2017) – InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc. (“IBC”) announced it has invested in New Tree Fruit Co, LP (“New Tree”) a subsidiary of Square Son, LP. New Tree is a health driven, food and beverage technology company that develops nutritional solutions for the industry and consumers through its proprietary sugar removal technology (“SRT”). IBC has taken a minority stakeholder position as a partner with New Tree, LP. Under terms of the agreement, IBC will join the New Tree partnership and bring its expertise in strategic planning, global customer management, commercialization, industry relations, communication and capital formation to the enterprise.

New Tree, located in Traverse City, Michigan, was founded by partners Luc Hobson and Chad Anderson in 2012. The Company is partnering with IBC to bring its patented De-SugaredTM technology to the beverage and food industries. IBC is a New York-based advisory and investment firm with representative offices in Atlanta, Boca Raton, and Los Angeles.

John Carson, Chairman of IBC, former President of Cadbury Schweppes NA and Triarc Beverages NA Chairman, said, “getting the chance to help potentially revolutionize the way the industry and consumers view juices and flavored beverages is both rare and daunting. We are optimistic we will build upon the great foundation that Chad and Luc have laid out.

Chad Anderson, CEO of New Tree stated, “IBC brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, deep relationships and capabilities, that when combined with its worldwide network, made it the logical choice to bring this disruptive innovation to the industry.”

New Tree is built on the foundation of food science, nutrition and innovation. This foundation included technical and engineering expertise related to the design and development of the processing and production facilities. In 2015, working with Michigan family fruit orchards, New Tree developed a scalable, natural process for removing 90-95% of the sugars from fruit juice. It received both US and Canadian patents, and since then, New Tree has applied the process to a variety of fruits and other fruit based food products such as yogurt, with successful and highly effective reduction results.

Through New Tree’s patented process, the company is able to deliver a full serving or more of fruit nutrition, with less than 1 g of sugar. Now, by teaming up with IBC, New Tree will be able to continue further development and refinement of its De-Sugaring Process, while also beginning the exploration and commercialization process in the market.

Stephen Horgan, IBC Founding Partner, and former Coca-Cola and Molson Coors senior executive is the lead partner on the project.  He stated, “New Tree has built this technology on a solid foundation of food science and nutrition. There is very little in this industry that is truly innovative and game changing.  We feel this is both. Much will be done in the coming months in the way of strategy, industry relations commercialization and awareness. But, we already have a significant amount of interest from parties we have reached out to in the last month since this agreement was finalized.”

About Square Son/New Tree, LP

New Tree Fruit Company is a Traverse City, Michigan based, health driven, food and beverage technology company delivering nutritional solutions to the industry and consumers through its proprietary sugar removal technology (SRT). It specializes in: sugar removal technology, food science, research and development, production and co-manufacturing. Through its proprietary sugar reduction technology (SRT), New Tree is currently committed to delivering complete and natural nutrition without sugar to the US market.

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