IBC Services Strategic Planning phase includes strategic advisement, business planning, growth and acceleration planning, systems and processes, staffing and compensation, and other activities designed to get your business prepared for rapid growth. 

PHASE I: Assessment and Planning

Strategic Advisement
Organizational Design
Financial Plan
Brand Strategy and Architecture
Product Claims
Competitive Assessment
Consumer Insights & Research Analysis
Staffing & Compensation
Personnel Competencies and Skill Gap Analysis
Performance Management
Growth Planning
Sustainability Management
Systems and Processes
Channel Strategies

PHASE II: Product Development & Manufacturing

Client Vision Input
Concept Brief
Supporting Science
Concept Prototypes
Consumer Testing
Supply Chain Development
Document Requirements
FDA Compliance: Ingredients, Label Nutritional Panel

PHASE III: Commercialization

Market Entry Strategies
Communication Plan (Consumer and Trade)
Outlet Segmentation
Sales Strategy Linkage
Geographic and Retail
Distributor Execution and Retail Sales Support
Resourcing of Highly Accomplished Industry Personnel
Route to Market
Product Market Execution Plans
Merchandising Solutions
Consumer Programs

PHASE IV: Capital Formation/Refinement

Assessment: Cap Table Review
Strategy Aligned to Business Metrics (Equity, Convertible, Notes, Debt)
Implementation (Strategic Investors, Family Offices, Specialty Lenders)
IBC Partner Programs (Asset Based, Enterprise Value Loans, Receivables, Cash Flow, Senior Secured)