It is too late, the genie is out of the bottle! 

IMPACT ON CRAFT BREWERS IF GLOBAL GIANTS MERGENo longer are US or international consumers anywhere limited in their options on the style, quality, or geography historically dictated by global beer giants such as AB InBev and SAB Miller. This global merger may or may not happen. And it is really irrelevant as this is solely a move designed to enhance bottomline performance through the consolidation of existing consumption occasions and driving efficiencies.

The dramatic proliferation in the beer industry over the last 30 years has hardly been influenced by these giants at all. Rather, it has been pushed along intrepidly by undeterred, innovative brewers and the pent-up, unquenched desire for choice and variety by consumers.
This freedom cannot be bottled back up no matter the actions of AB InBev and SAB Miller.

Read the article the Impact of Craft Brewers if Global Giants Merge by Paul Gatza on Brewers Association.

-Stephen F. Horgan