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GBS helps accelerate your brands market presence

If your strategic planning is complete, along with your 3-year business operating plan, Global Brand Services (GBS) provides commercialization services to clients seeking an expanded brand footprint and immediate access to the retail and on-line marketplace in the US and in other geographies throughout the world. Through its strong relationships, GBS helps accelerate your brands market presence and is your guide to help you navigate the complex world of distribution, pricing, warehousing, retail, on-line and Direct-to-Consumer. Our areas of focus include:

Sales Strategy

GBS leads the building of a sales action plan that marries 1) the brand consumer appeal with 2) the right shopper in 3) the proper targeted channels/customers in 4) the appropriate geography. Our vision is to create a focused sales strategy that augments the likelihood of brand success while maximizing marketing investment.

GBS…Your US and Global partner for expansion, increased availability, and accelerated growth

Global Brand Services Brand Network

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