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BOISE, Idaho (August 10, 2021)- HEMP HOP Beverage, co-founded by Adam Hagaman and Mark Phillips announced today the launch of its highly anticipated NARTD relaxation beverage. HEMP HOP combines the powerful benefits of hemp and hop extracts with a proprietary nanotechnology process that increases absorption and effectiveness to provide a truly unique relaxation experience. On top of that, it’s also all natural, 100% legal, contains 0.0% THC, and actually gives the consumer a noticeable feel-good presence, unlike anything else available in the beverage market today.

“It’s no surprise too that many organizations have reported that the world-wide pandemic has negatively affected people’s mental health and wellbeing, which has undoubtedly resulted in increased levels of stress and anxiety within everyone” said Adam Hagaman CEO and Co-Founder of HEMP HOP. “The world was already stressed out long before the pandemic ever hit, now it seems to be worse than ever. Hops and Hemp are from the same plant family, and work in synergy with each other to deliver the potent stress-reducing oomph”.

The Hemp/CBD market is projected to reach $16.8Billion by 2025 according to Brightfield, one of the leading research and insights groups in the US. HEMP-infused beverages have grown from $7million in 2017 to over $318million May 2021. “Clearly Hemp Infused beverages are riding this wave, and it’s very, very early in the categories development”, states Mark Phillips, CMO and Co-Founder at HEMP HOP Beverages.

Through its relationship with Craig Stein Distributing, HEMP HOP will be working with the distributor to gain HEMP HOP access to the more than 2,700 retail outlets across 3 states including Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. “The timing for a relaxation beverage couldn’t be better. Many of our retail customers are looking for more natural solutions for their shoppers, ones that are both convenient to use, condition specific, and taste great. The HEMP and HOPS combine to create a beverage that simply helps consumers unwind”, says Scott Weiermiller, Managing Partner at InterContinental Beverage Capital.

HEMP HOP has enlisted InterContinental Beverage Capital, as an advisory to assist in the sales and navigation of HEMP HOP through the highly competitive beverage landscape through their commercialization arm GBS (Global Brand Services).

HEMP HOP is sold in 16.9 oz PET bottles, available in 12 or 24-packs with a suggested retail selling price of $3.99 per bottle.


HEMP HOP is an unparalleled functional beverage in a class by itself, featuring the benefits of natural Hops and Hemp extracts along with a unique nanotechnology process that converts the extracts into tiny particles which increases their absorption rate and effectiveness. Based in Boise Idaho, HEMP HOP uses gold-medal award-winning natural spring water from Southern California’s pristine Sierra Mountains and sources its Hops and Hemp locally from nearby farms that use only old-world farming practices to ensure the highest quality.

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