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Matthew Morgan speaking at MJBizCon 2022

Matthew Morgan speaking at MJBizCon 2022

NASSAU, Bahamas, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The next frontier of marketing and brand interaction was revealed by Cannaverse Technologies (“Cannaversetech™”) at the 2022 MJBizCon event in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 14-18. It came in the form of CANNALAND™ a unique platform community designed to enable worldwide businesses to operate virtually within one domain without boundaries and geographic constraints experienced in our physical world.

Cannaversetech™ and InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC) teamed up to inspire the CANNALAND™ Metaverse concept which will be the world’s first dedicated place where cannabis enthusiasts and the canna-curious come together in a community of one, for all things cannabis.

CANNALAND™ and its strategic partners will deliver a robust B2B and B2C immersive experience with a unique and integrated ecosystem targeted at the $33B cannabis market. It will also offer unique opportunities for brands, products, entertainment-based businesses, retailers and dispensaries, and venues to access future consumers and markets beyond what exists today. Cannaversetech™ CEO Mark Bonner said that “the time is now for burgeoning brands to place a stake in CANNALAND™ and help define what their futures will be within and beyond the broader cannabis market, and legalized geographies.

Matthew Morgan, one of the nation’s leading cannabis experts and advisor to CANNALAND™ and IBC said in an MJBizCon panel discussion titled “Blast Off to The Metaverse: Your Web 3.0 Cannabis Guide”, that CANNALAND™ is creating a 360-degree immersive experience where businesses, services, products, and other appealing digital lifestyle elements surround the consumer encouraging them to participate, transact online, and learn about cannabis. Citing that, since no geographic boundaries exist in the Metaverse, CANNALAND™ creates and provides access to businesses in a truly worldly universe of untapped commercial opportunity. Morgan said, “The Metaverse presents a unique value-added opportunity to develop and promote products even before introducing them in the physical and regulated world, allowing for conversational marketing and immersive experiences that help move the needle for participating brands”. The audience response to CANNALANDTM at MJBizCon was strong.

IBC president, Joseph Messina said that IBC was excited to assist Mark and his team develop the brand proposition and consumer experience bridging the existing physical cannabis world to a cannabis-curious population that will become future consumers and enthusiasts as the legislative, business, and capital barriers recede, and as the Metaverse immersive experience evolves.”

Matthew Morgan speaking at MJBizCon 2022CANNALAND™ aims to bridge the best of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 to create opportunities and engagement in the world’s first comprehensive cannabis-focused platform. This will include best-in-breed technology, a payment platform, limitless content integration opportunities, and seamless migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, resulting in endless opportunities.

About Cannaverse Technologies (Cannaversetech™)

Cannaverse Technologies, the creator of CANNALAND™, the world’s first cannabis Metaverse and pioneer in cannabis product marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising with an innovative blockchain payment system, is empowering cultivators, growers, testing labs, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical dispensaries, and consumption lounges with the ability to scale and monetize their brands while directly addressing the existing gaps in the cannabis industry. Cannaversetech™’s meta marketplace on the blockchain revolutionizes the global cannabis industry by connecting every facet of the cannabis and hemp communities in a Metaverse environment. For more information, visit www.cannaversetech.io and www.cannaland.xyz

About InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc.

IBC is a New York-based advisory and investment firm focused on the beverage and consumer packaged goods industries. IBC has a worldwide network of strategic industry contacts, lending institutions, consultants, recruiters, and management teams. These sources provide expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and commercial banking capabilities to partnership companies. IBC is actively seeking investments in its targeted verticals in companies, which have unique products and dedicated management that exhibit the ability to develop into category leaders. For more information log onto www.inbevcapital.com

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