A New York-based Merchant Bank Focused on Beverages and Consumer Packaged Goods

The combined expertise of IBC’s financial and operating partners provides complementary strategic, financial and execution experience for its client companies. IBC’s role is to identify, build, and accelerate the value creation process for its clients which will ultimately provide IBC and its strategic partners with substantial returns. Collectively, the combination of IBC’s financial and industry partners provide an exceptional blend of skill sets and experiences providing a distinct perspective and advantage in the beverage and consumer packaged goods sector.

IBC straddles the capital formation responsibility and management advisory role, using our specialized deal expertise to assist client companies in identifying their true capital requirements and then assisting in the development process with our network of capital resources.

All IBC client companies benefit from our international network of investment resources, lending institutions and strategic industry contacts. These sources provide expertise, industry capabilities, access to new customers, and valuable investment and institutional lending capabilities to client companies. Throughout their respective histories, the InterContinental Beverage Capital partners have helped companies to accelerate successful achievement of business goals and objectives, and become market leaders in their sectors.

Global Experience

IBC’s Partners and Managing directors have over 150 years of combined C-level beverage and finance industry experience with leading global brands and companies.

Industry Success

Our clients and brands receive the benefit of our industry, knowledge, network, and platforms given our senior executive roles in companies such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Dannon, Heineken, Guinness, Glaceau, Inbev, Coors, Snapple and Evian. IBC’s experience provides our clients with opportunity and access for brand success.

Over 150 Years Combined Experience with Global Brands