The Right Capital For Growth

With IBC’s merchant banking approach, we have the unique ability to straddle the role of investor and/or advisor as circumstances and opportunities present. Capital is typically one of the key ingredients which our clients require. IBC’s role and responsibility is to properly determine the client’s true capital needs, identify the best form of capital and insure the right source of capital is secured. Not all capital carries the same value or opportunity for our client companies. Capital  structured within the right parameters from the right lender/investor can have a dramatic impact on the successful growth of a company.

Debt Alternative

Many client companies often overlook debt alternatives when seeking growth capital. When growth companies raise equity capital too early in their developmental cycle they encounter substantial equity dilution. IBC balances capital needs by introducing debt, which is not dilutive to their equity base. Positioned as “synthetic equity” the right debt structure will allow the company to properly grow while preserving the shareholders’ ownership. IBC offers multiple forms of debt to growth companies including purchase order financing, factoring and Asset Based Loan facilities through our network of strategic partners.

Equity Investment

Along with IBC’s intellectual capital services, IBC will also selectively invest capital for its own account and in conjunction with investment from its strategic investor partners. IBC believes that acting as a principal alongside its partners align interests and encourages cooperation while serving as a catalyst for future capital markets transactions that ultimately produce significant value for shareholders, management and other stakeholders

Fueling Your Future Through Investment and Advisement