John Carson is Chairman of the Board, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of IBC. He is former Chairman, CEO and President of several leading beverage companies including Marbo, Inc. and Triarc Beverages, both private equity backed corporations. As Chairman of Triarc Beverages (RC Cola), he led the acquisition and integration of Snapple Beverages and expanded business internationally by leading negotiations in China, Japan, Mexico, South America, Russia and Poland. Mr. Carson sold the entire beverage portfolio of Triarc to Cadbury Schweppes, generating a significant return for investors. He is former President of Cadbury Schweppes North America where he led the expansion of the Schweppes brand beyond mixers and into adult soft drinks. He also led the expansion of the Tampico brand throughout new markets, including Mexico, Brazil and the emerging U.S. Hispanic and African American markets. Mr. Carson is a Board Member of the National Soft Drink Association and Director of Water Source Inc.