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IBC is Your Co-Pilot to Accelerated Growth

We say we like to “ride in the cockpit with you” to identify, build, and accelerate value creation for our clients and their brands. Throughout their respective histories, IBC partners have helped companies in North America and around the world to accelerate successful achievement of business goals and objectives, and become market leaders in their sectors. Whether your brands require:

- product formulation, development and new technologies
- strategy and planning
- brand development and positioning
- packaging design and messaging
- distributor, retail or online commercialization
- capital formation and refinement
- leading technology

IBC industry and financial partners provide an exceptional blend of skill sets and experiences to help you grow and create a competitive advantage across the Beverage and CPG landscape.

Platforms, Core Capabilities & Services

Functional beverages including Pharma-like, Health & Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Cannabis/CBD/Hemp, Spirits and Alcohol, Non-Alcoholic, Health Safety, and Differentiated Technology.

Product Formulation and Development

Through its Bevnology group, IBC specializes in product design and development, whether your brand is in the Idea/Concept stage, a new entrant, or white label (private label) interest, or an existing product in need of reformulation expertise. Our unique product development process takes your concept from idea to retail shelf in a single step.

Logo for Bevnology Labs

Strategic Planning

IBC’s Strategic Planning phases include strategic advisement, business assessment and planning, product development and manufacturing, commercialization, growth and acceleration planning, operating systems and processes, staffing recommendations and target compensation, and other activities designed to get your business prepared for rapid growth.

Brand Strategy and Positioning, Packaging Design and Messaging

For new brands in development, emerging, or mature brand requiring revitalization, IBC’s Brand Development resources are available to help clients optimize the value of their brands and product portfolio offering by capitalizing on the latest trends, retail and category insights, packaging, consumer technologies, and/or direct to consumer selling strategies to optimize the brands voice and impact in the marketplace.

Retail, Commercialization, and Route to Market

IBC’s Commercialization Phase takes strategic thought leadership and brings your product to market with planning and execution to drive distribution, availability, and retail performance. When clients need access to top distributors and retailers, they call on IBC’s Global Brand Services (GBS) Commercialization Group to accelerate their distributor relationships, retail, on-line, and geographic footprint in markets where the wish to compete. Services include: market entry or expansion strategies, outlet segmentation, selling strategy linkage, distributor execution and retail sales support, route to market planning, consumer programs, etc.

Capital Advisory and Refinement

When you need capital advice, IBC offers investment guidance, strategic partners, and industry expertise surrounding capital acquisition, strategic capital, M&A, ABL, human capital resources, and access to our internal investor network to align performance with the financial needs of the business.

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