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Managing Partner

Doug Christoph

Doug Christoph is a Managing Partner of IBC and a Global Brand Marketing, Customer Business Development, Sales, and Emerging Brands professional from The Coca-Cola Company, Miller Coors, and several early-stage companies. He has demonstrated leadership skills in driving business performance, revenue growth, profitability, and building value-based relationships in large multi-national companies with iconic global brands, complex international business systems, and annual sales of $4-30B worldwide.

His work with InterContinental Beverage Capital focuses on the areas of brand development, market positioning, packaging, messaging and communication strategy, understanding the consumer/shopper buying behavior. Doug’s channel expertise includes Convenience, Grocery, Retail Mass, Club/Warehouse, Drug, Healthcare, On-Premise (Bars, Clubs, Alcohol/Adult Beverages), Casino/Hotel, and the international Traditional/Modern Trade.

He has extensive international experience in ASEAN/SE Asia, mainland China/Hong Kong, APAC (Japan, South Korea, Australia), South Pacific/Hawaiian Islands, Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, UK), Mexico, as well as North America.

Doug’s most recent corporate position was VP Global Marketing, Customer Business Development, The Coca-Cola Company, for the Global Customer and Commercial Leadership Group and the 7-Eleven Global Business Unit. Prior to this, he led the Global and North America Convenience Petroleum Channel Business Strategy and Plan processes, as well as a variety of other positions over his 19 years at Coca-Cola working with top global customers, channels, international business units, and their local teams, and development of innovative beverage and packaging solutions for US and Global application across the system.

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