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Executive Vice President & Managing Partner

Stephen F. Horgan

Stephen F. Horgan is an Executive Vice President, Managing Director & Co-Founder of IBC. He is a senior executive and entrepreneur who has successfully built businesses domestically and internationally. He served in executive positions for The Coca-Cola Company, Coors Brewing, and MillerCoors. Horgan was CEO in the functional beverage industry where he led debt restructuring, investment and rebranding initiatives. His talents have most often started or transformed organizations resulting in dramatic improvements in capability and performance. Horgan’s vision and leadership are marked by highly developed business acumen and skills in strategy development, implementation, distribution, customer management, franchise management, sales, and global retail. His core expertise is CPG, food, beverage, distribution, global retailers, and franchising. He has worked and developed expertise with the largest retailers, bottlers, brewers, and distribution companies in the world. He has extensive experience in the U.S. and international markets including Europe, South America, and Asia where he has a record of success.

In 2011, Mr. Horgan successfully launched Brand Aspirations, a consulting, advisement, and investment company focused on nurturing and advising early-stage companies. Brand Aspirations has worked with a broad range of companies and brands to compress the business cycle and deliver accelerated results. Earlier in his career, Mr. Horgan worked for the Atlantic Richfield Company in marketing and franchise management and was a labor negotiator with United Technologies.

Mr. Horgan graduated from the State University of New York at Oneonta with bachelor degrees in Business and Economics. He received his MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business.

Mr. Horgan serves on the board of TQ Logistics and The Career Platform. He is active in his community and served on the advisory board of Children’s Miracle Network as well as numerous other industry advisory committees. He is a current member of the University of Connecticut and University of New York alumni associations.

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