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ebbu is a leading innovator and cannabinoid research firm based in Colorado.

Cannabis is most assuredly going to disrupt many industries in the coming years. This will include every channel with consumer access. It is already beginning to impact the health and medical sectors and next in line will be food and beverage. Many experts project CBD’s will be the next frontier for major growth in functional products for both food and beverage. In 2017, ebbu, a multi-platform cannabinoid technology company that is redefining cannabis cultivation, transforming the supply line, and designing lab-tested medicinal and adult-use product formulations approached InterContinental Beverage Capital to assist them in understanding the Beverage and CPG landscape and assist them in mapping a strategic approach to potential business opportunities and alliances that will allow them to be a trustworthy supplier of superior products to food and beverage consumers. By advising and understanding the potential impact cannabis will have on food and beverages, IBC will be able to help the industry de-mystify this product and build a valuable base of knowledge to further the benefit to customers and ultimately consumers.



Cannabinoid Technology