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InterContinental Beverage Capital’s Annual Meeting Celebrates Results and Focuses on Financial Platforms, Future Markets and Emerging Businesses

New York, NY – February 3, 2022 – InterContinental Beverage Capital, Inc. (“IBC”) held its annual partners meeting in Deerfield Beach, FL last week. IBC is a global firm in the beverage, CPG, and infused beverage sectors. It is widely known and respected for its deep experience in all industry segments and disciplines including NARTD, alcohol, cannabis, and CBD/Hemp consumer products.

IBC Chairman, John Carson announced that 2021 was a very good year for the company. He said, “In 2021, IBC weathered the volatility in our core beverage space and in other markets that were impacted as a by-product of COVID. By learning and adapting to these changing market conditions IBC is able to offer our clients flexible strategies and access to capital and markets and allowed them to persevere, restart, or enter categories and channels that had become restricted due to supply chain uncertainty. This resulted in a record-breaking number of clients and revenue for IBC encompassing a broad array of beverage and CPG categories”.

But the focus of the meeting was the present and the future. Carson shared, “IBC’s clients are struggling to cope, breakthrough and succeed in an ever-shifting brand, and consumer environment. The traditional supply chain is evolving and straining all entities that rely on it. This comprises, importers, transportation, warehousing, production, and raw materials. It has caused retailers and wholesalers to behave and make decisions in a way that is not as open to innovation and new consumer trends as they had been pre-COVID. This squarely hits our core client base which is earlier stage innovators. These clients require an assessment of the immediate environment and strategic planning to succeed in the future as the supply chains evolve to a new normal”.

To answer this evolving reality, IBC’s strategic focus for the future will be to:

  • Strengthening the creation, incubation, and development of new brands by using the R+D power of IBC’s innovation group, Bevnology, and then aligning with IBC’s strategy, planning, and marketing capabilities.
  • Developing new financial partnerships and platforms that will expand our ability to service and provide our current clients as well as reach new and more traditional beverage & CPG clients with practical funding alternatives to enhance growth and profitability.
  • Embracing and exploring new frontiers that will open new markets to innovative, early-stage brands via the fast-changing technological world, such as the “Metaverse” to support our clients with forward-thinking and leading-edge digital shelf opportunities.
  • Leveraging the growing coverage and resources of our commercialization/sales arm, Global Brand Services (GBS), to gain quicker access to channels while accelerating growth and expansion in distributor and retail channels.

Over the last two years, IBC has undergone dramatic and dynamic changes to allow it to assist its clients in response to challenging market conditions. Because of this, IBC has been able to assess, learn, adapt, and evolve to build ever more success for our clients.

Carson closed the meeting by stating, “2022 will be exciting and ever-evolving for beverage and CPG innovators and we feel IBC is better prepared than ever to help our clients succeed.”

About InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC)

IBC is a global advisory firm that provides both capital and product strategies, with a focus on the beverage and consumer products industries. IBC has a worldwide network of strategic industry contacts, capital resources, consultants, recruiters, and management teams with representative offices in Atlanta, Boca-Raton, Los Angeles, For more information, visit https://inbevcapital.com/

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