John Carson

Chairman of the Board, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

John Carson is Chairman of the Board of IBC. He is former Chairman, CEO and President of several leading beverage companies including Marbo, Inc. and Triarc Beverages.

Joseph J. Messina

President, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Joseph J. Messina is the President & Co-Founder of IBC. His background includes traditional corporate, merchant and investment banking.

Stephen F. Horgan

Executive Vice President, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Stephen F. Horgan is a Managing Director of IBC. He is a senior executive and entrepreneur who has successfully built businesses domestically and internationally.

John Devonport

Managing Partner

John Devonport is Managing Partner of IBC and is a beverage industry veteran, having spent 27 years with Guinness internationally in over 80 countries on all continents.

Doug Christoph

Managing Partner

Doug Christoph is a Managing Partner of IBC. He has demonstrated leadership in building value based relationships in large multi-national companies with iconic global brands.

John Accardo

Managing Partner

John Accardo is a Managing Partner of IBC and seasoned C-suite executive with broad domestic & international consumer products experience with leading beer, spirits and snack food companies.

Scott Weiermiller

Managing Partner

Scott Weiermiller is a Managing Partner of IBC. He has created strategic business plans that have captured unparalleled revenue, profit and share growth at the largest customers in North America.

William Hayde

Executive Partner & Co-Founder

William Hayde is a Co-Founder and Executive Partner of IBC. He has been a Wall Street professional for over 25 years in investment banking and securities.

Johnnie D. Blankenship

Executive Partner

Johnnie D. Blankenship is an Executive Partner of IBC and a well-respected beverage industry veteran, with over 30 years of experience with Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and others.

Andy Mansinne


Andrew Mansinne is a Partner at IBC and a C-suite executive with extensive success in the domestic and international consumer product arenas.

Robert Gordon

Managing Director, Administration

Robert Gordon is a Managing Director of IBC. He has comprehensive professional experience in corporate management and investment banking related activities.